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Time management in interior design
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If you don't manage your time properly, it can have negative consequences for your design business.

Often, running a business can be at odds with creativity. The creative side may want to explore every option without restrictions, but that's not sustainable from a business perspective. Clients don't want to pay for hours of sourcing. This is why time management is essential for businesses. You need to find a balance between being creative and making money, because there is a point where your creativity will make you unprofitable. Or, your profitability will make you not very creative.

Make more money by managing your time better.

If you find that your time management is adversely affecting your design business, set some time aside to assess the situation. Could you be more streamlined? Here are some areas to evaluate:

- If you're never satisfied with your work and always think there's something better you could be doing, you're probably a perfectionist. This way of thinking can easily lead to spending too much time on a project.
- If you want to be efficient, stick to what you're good at. Trying to do things outside your area of expertise will take up more time, energy and brain power, and ultimately be more time-consuming
- One way to improve your time management is to use the same vendors. This way, you won't have to waste time getting to know new businesses, signing up for trade accounts, and questioning the quality of their products. Plus, using the same vendors can help you build relationships and get lower prices.
- Communicate often and clearly with your clients about what they should expect from you and what you expect from them in regards to timeliness of decisions and payments. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient project.