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Why it's important to put prices of the services on your website?
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I have been running my company for the past decade and i have made it a point to always make pricing available on my website. I strongly suggest that you do the same. Many options exist, so hopefully you can find an approach that fits your comfort level.

It's essential that you make this info available, otherwise you're likely to experience a drop in clientele and inquiries.

What are the advantages of displaying pricing on your website?

- It's convenient for clients

If the cost of your services is listed on the website, then it is likely that the client will contact your company to discuss the details. The absence of a price can immediately scare off a potential customer, because there may be a feeling that the company is hiding something.

- Avoid bewildering customers
I put myself in the customers' position and the thought of this situation irritates me. We don't want to irritate our clients, we don't want to perplex them. We need to make it simpler for ourselves as business owners. This is why i suggest that you should include your costs on your website.
- Make clients trust you
If pricing info is available on your website, customers will trust you more since you're not altering it based on the size of the budget or the person using your services. By making it public, clients can be sure that nothing suspicious is happening in secret.
- Website onboarding
Beginning onboarding on your website is a great way to make sure you bring in the customers that fit your business. Prices posted on the website help potential clients decide if they can afford what you offer, without requiring you to do any of that screening. Let your website do some of the legwork in that respect!
- Put prices in the main page
Another way to make pricing available on your website is by including it directly in the main page. This will allow potential customers to immediately see what the cost of your product or service is without having to search around. Additionally, you can make use of drop-down menus and other forms of navigation that allow users to easily find the cost of goods and services they are looking for.

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