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In this article - groups of styles that are now popular.

If you need more detailed knowledge, there is a large amount of literature on this topic. But, as a rule, when you communicate with a client, it is unlikely that he has an artistic education and he understands these styles in detail.

Most clients generally divide interiors into 2 styles: modern and classic. My gradation is, of course, more detailed.

These style groups make it easy to determine in which direction we are going with the customer and make sure that we are talking about the same thing.

All works used in the article are the work of our studio.
Palace, Magnificent classic. English style.
You can add some color. But it's still classic palace style:
Modern classic. American classic.
Art deco
Most clients say: "I want something light, but classic." A full-fledged classic does not allow the size of the apartment. It will be inappropriate and the whole interior will be littered with decor.

But the "modern" classic looks dignified, elegant and familiar to customers. Here in this section I include American classic, Art deco. That is, all those styles that allow you to take a fresh look at the strict classical style.
For example, a modern sofa, bright decor - classic lamps, moldings, marble
We cannot say that this is 100% classic style, but there are elements of the classics here.
Below is modern variation of Art Deco
Modern style. Loft, Minimalism, Hi-Tech.
These styles can be concise with modern materials and light shapes. No classic elements. More straight, even surfaces, calmer colors and textures.
All this is a commitment to modern style:
And one more object. Bedroom and Bathroom. Here you can see on the doors - no panels, no carved elements. Pretty laconic color scheme.
Natural: Scandinavian, Country, Provence, Chalet, Eco-style
Lots of wood and comfort. Something so natural. Of course, these styles differ from each other. A chalet is something more masculine. And Provence is more feminine, light, floral.

This style can resonate somewhere with both Scandinavian and minimalism, but here we already single them out in one group, because natural colors are used, natural materials, colors, and tints are used. And in general, the task of such an interior is to show a connection with nature, to show comfort, to make it so homely, light and very calm, peaceful.

More often these styles are used in country houses, these are townhouses, cottages.
Harmonious mix. Eclecticism.
Now it is not at all necessary to work in the same style. Of course, you need to work with palaces strictly in the classics. But when was the last time a client came to you with a palace? :)
In eclecticism, you must understand why this or that color is worth it. It should be clear that the composition is finished and all the elements are in their place: