Mistakes in the interior design of Bedrooms
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Incorrect arrangement of furniture

To maintain balance, make the space cozy and harmonious, place the bed in the center, and the furniture around it. Also, do not load the space with furniture. No space for two bedside tables? And it is not necessary.

Lack of natural light

The bedroom should not turn into a dark claustrophobic place. The more windows are open, the brighter the room. If the house has small windows, you can use light curtains.

Wrong wall color can reduce space

And the use of bright colors - to break the atmosphere of relaxation. Focus on calm colors like white and grey.

«ut if the client still wants to experiment, you can paint the wall at the head of the bed with bright colors or make a pattern there. Bright accessories should also be avoided.

Mixing styles breaks harmony. Remember that style is when all the details are taken into account.

A door that cannot be opened due to lack of space

The solution is to install interior sliding doors.