How to become
an interior designer.
Brief instruction
What does it take to become an interior designer?

Interior design is not what you think. If the desire to "become a designer" has arisen in you recently, then this article is your assistant.
Step #1. Find out more
There are many myths about the sweet creative life of a designer, but these are myths. To find out how it really is, you need to find a practicing designer among your friends and ask him:

  • What is the job of a designer?
  • What do you need to know? What to be able to?
  • What is his working time?
  • What stages does the work have and what to do at each stage?

The meaning of this step is to get rid of prejudices and consciously make a decision - I want to or not.

If you are not afraid of what a designer does in real life, then interior design is your profession. With a probability of 30%.
Step #2. Try
The second step is to get the first, at least superficial knowledge in the topic of interior design: ergonomics, zoning, interior design.

To get a basic understanding of these topics, check out free tutorials online.

Special programs are a separate item.

Photoshop is easy - it will come in handy to make collages.
AutoCAD and ArchiCAD are more difficult. It is better to go to courses in your city or online and master these programs to make construction drawings.

Then try to sketch out your apartment and play around with rearrangements and furniture arrangements. If you like this business, then now the probability that interior design is your profession is 60%.
Step #3. Learn
It's time to think about full learning. Sign up for good courses with practicing teachers.

Make sure that the courses are practical and make sure that the program contains information about every step of the designer's work.

All courses write "You will be able to make a design project", but the program often does not even contain anything about technical standards for redevelopment, for construction.

And it turns out that after the release, you will be able to make a useless design project that cannot be agreed upon and not implemented in life.

«efore purchasing courses, please note whether:
- Technical standards (redevelopment and repair)
- Block "How to draw up construction documentation"
- Information on how to communicate with the client at each stage

    You can also sign up for courses by step number 1. But, if the next day you realize that this is "not yours", then the money may not be returned.
    Step number 4. Create an environment
    In parallel with all the previous steps, you need to create a design environment for yourself.

    Attend exhibitions, salons, presentations. Go to all design-related events and socialize. Follow the latest news and trends.

    After good courses and with the environment, you are already almost a designer - 90%
    Why not 100%?

    Because 10% is your first project .
    The training, the environment, the programs are all good, but practice is the decisive knowledge.
    If you have mastered the practice in real life, then welcome to the club. Now you are a 100% designer.