Eco style in interior design
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Today we will talk about eco-style.

Eco-style in apartment design began to spread actively at the end of the 20th century. After several decades of high-tech fashion with its technogenicity, the use of natural shades and materials has become a way to get closer to natural harmony.

If eco-interior design is chosen, even at the planning stage of repair work, the following options are determined:

– finishes
- colors
- surface textures.
Rules for creating an eco-style
A characteristic feature of the design of the chosen direction is a large amount of free space. In the interior there will be no extra things that litter the room.
Good lighting is necessary, but not only fluorescent lamps, but also a sufficient amount of sunlight

You need to put flowers in the room and you can add an aquarium with fish :)
The color palette used in the design is warm and natural. Classic style - sand, pastel, woody shades. Furniture is best suited wooden. It doesn't have to be luxurious and expensive. An excellent solution is unusual original items from small furniture stores.
Natural, even undyed fabrics without abstract prints or unnatural texture (shine) of the surface are used as room decoration.
Who will suit the eco-style interior
For citizens yearning for nature, an eco-style house will act as a real antidepressant. And the interior is suitable for those who have chosen floriculture as their hobby. Eco-style does not limit the number of flower pots or beautiful mini-beds in the house.

Those who strive for freedom choose this direction of space design. The style is conceptual, fashionable, but does not dictate a rigid framework. Small digressions, borrowings from other directions are allowed here. The main thing is not to violate the general trend - the image of nature.