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Design project of a country house: Stages of work
So, a client approached you for the arrangement of a country house. Your task is to make it convenient, practical and cozy for the owners.
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► A detailed project will give the customer an understanding of how his house will look after the repair. Also, the project is a kind of step-by-step instruction, where the materials to be used, their cost and the list of the works themselves are described.

When developing a design project for a country house, it is important to consider:

1. Technical equipment: where and how best to install heating, water supply, ventilation systems so that it is comfortable to live in the house;
2. Architectural features: perhaps there are structures in the house (uncomfortable stairs, columns, etc.) that can cause difficulties, or vice versa, they can be beautifully used;
3. Environment and landscape: it is important to create harmony so that the interior and exterior form a common concept.

At the first stage, a floor plan - a detailed plan of the room.

► Then you need to determine the location of the functional areas (living room, bedrooms, hallway, etc.), make a decision about the future layout. At this stage, you can draw up a layout of furniture.

► Draw up a layout of bathrooms

A professional designer must also take into account the wishes of the owners, and place the bathrooms so as not to violate the technical requirements.

We select building materials that will help to realize our plans. It is important to consider: the quality of materials, their service life and the level of environmental friendliness, as well as the functional purpose.

► Next, we turn to the development of design solutions.

A single idea is formed from various elements, so it is important to think about what colors will be used in different parts of the house, stylish and practical fittings.