How to work with the design project of an apartment for rent
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Hi! In touch Maria Black;)

Today we will analyze a new question from the "Maria answers" section. Alicia writes:

"Maria, good afternoon! I have a client for a design project of an apartment for rent. Please share your experience if the customer does not know what he wants :( How to direct him and help him, because anyone can be a tenant? How to be and what nuances to take into account when drawing up a programme document?

Thank you for the good question! ;)

▶ Designers often face such orders. You need to learn how to imagine an abstract average tenant of an apartment.

▹ For example, it can be one person, and he needs a double bed or a sofa bed, and, of course, a workplace.

▹ Also, two people can be a tenant. In this case, you can use the scheme above, but you must remember that they may have a child. Then you need an extra bed.
✔ Therefore, depending on the area and number of rooms, you need:

- Provide a bedroom with a bed.
- Place a separate workplace.
- Consider an extra bed, it can be a sofa bed or a separate room with a bed.

► It is clear that the budget is desirable to save. That is, we use the most wear-resistant, non-killable materials for walls, furniture, upholstery. We use practical colors and easy-to-clean coatings.

As a result, according to the programme document, the customer will set the main points, say what is important to him. And the rest you already think over logically;)