What is NOT essential in the kitchen?
How to plan a kitchen set? What materials to choose? Island or stand? And a host of other questions come from you about kitchen.
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► Let's talk today about what is NOT necessary in the kitchen:

You can exclude the upper shelves. That is, leave a large functional "bottom" and, of course, a work surface above it. And do not clutter up the kitchen set with drawers and shelves from above.

A painted decorative wall instead of the notorious drawers looks bright and unusual.

If, nevertheless, hinged kitchen shelves remain, then it is not necessary to make them in one color. For example, an active dark bottom and a light top look relevant.

The apron over the countertop can be varied: transparent glass, glass with photo printing, ceramic tiles, various shapes, panels, artificial stone... Do not limit yourself in your choice.

Refer to color! The kitchen set itself can be not only laconic white or dark wood. The whole palette of the rainbow is possible, various textures, murals, slogans, paintings...