10 principles for creating stylish and harmonious 3D visualizations
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You ask me a lot about visualizations. Let's figure it out! :)

At this stage, you need to make references and collages. References is a selection of pictures that the client likes. The collage consists of specific models, details and colors of the interior. They are needed in order to avoid endless rework and misunderstandings with the client.
To create a stylish and harmonious 3D visualization, you need no knowledge of styles and a higher design education. You need to follow a simple algorithm of 10 points, which are verified in my practice by 500 different design projects. ⠀

The algorithm is this:

1. Determine the general image of the room
2. Highlight limiting factors
3. Define technical aspects
4. Determine dominants
5. Define materials + Check programme document
6. Reveal style
7. Architecture
8. Consider color
9. Add decor
10. Checkout

In order to show the client how his interior will look like, you need to make a 3D visualization. I use visualizers to free up my time. But some designers learn 3D Max and render their own renderings.